The park

Although The Park is not a formal type of green space, it is a magical place with a wide open grassy area guarded by a row of weeping birch and a view to the tip of Mt. Sneffels. It includes an aspen glade, fabulous specimen trees for spring and fall, large shade trees, a hammock for quiet summer afternoons, and a big weeping willow. Stately horsechestnuts trees, a young ginko biloba, an oak-leaf rowan tree (the tree of the Scottish fairies and Forest Nymphs), weeping mulberry, a twisted Harry Lauder's Walking Stick shrub and other delightful trees and shrubs and flowering plants make up the landscape. Many kinds of birds nest here, filling the place with song in spring and summer. The Park is a great place for family gatherings, Easter Egg hunts, farm festivals, music or poetry gatherings, Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations and so much more.
Easter Eggs

Aspen glade Summer Sosltice 2010

flowering shrubs

aspen glade

park trees


flowering peach
Wild forest spirits dance at dawn on Summer Solstice.


Summer thunderstorms frequently fling rainbows over the park just to add to the magic!
more rainbows

and more rainbows

Rainbow seen from the park

The above rainbow was one of the widest ever seen—viewed from the park over the farms to the south.
Flowering plum

Tiger swallowtail

Park spring

Park peach trees


The sky over the park is a wonderland in itself for the cloud-watcher and the star-gazer. The night sky brings the Milky Way so close one can almost scoop up a handful of stars. The deep azure skies of SW Colorado come from clear clean air. You can rest in the grass of the park and watch the hawks soar overhead or watch the graceful evening dance of the swallows as they catch insects.

Our park is the stomping grounds for all sorts of wildlife, including the fabulous native Northern Leopard Frog, seen below watching over the park on a rainy day.

Horsechestnut tree

A pair of beautiful horsechestnut trees grace the “gateway” from the park to the pasture. Behind them are four Redbud trees, finishing the gateway with an arch of lavender-pink in spring.




Ruby Hill Locust in fall

Winter comes

Sunset from the park

The Park was often our place of celebration for Summer Solstice. For a glimpse of some of the other Celtic celebrations click here.

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