Amazon Maiden

April brings the first flush of pink and white flowers to the apple, pear, and peach trees, filling the air with the sweet scent of spring. Birds build their nests in the fruit trees and sing the dawn sun over the far hills. The hum of bees busy at their pollinating makes every tree alive with music. No place is so beautiful as an old orchard reawakening.
Busy Bee Robin nest 

Ours is a remnant orchard from the grand days when Colorado was the apple kingdom of the West and more than 2,000 varieties graced the valleys. Some of our heirloom trees date back to 1890. Our family has long practiced “recycle, reuse, restore,” thus we took on this orchard in 1978 when it was falling into oblivion, the heirloom fruit trees nearly gone. We fenced out the deer and elk that stripped the bark from the trees; we pruned, fertilized and watered, and even those trees that seemed beyond hope suddenly responded, pushing up new branches, new life. The old fashioned apples have the best flavor of any, that juicy, snappy, tart and sweet mouth-watering taste of long ago. Bite into one fresh-picked from the tree and time stands still.

apple blossoms

Amazon Maiden
From these old varieties we have created new crosses as well, such as the amazing Amazon Maiden (pictured above) and Amazon Baby (pictured below), two very large succulent apples with parentage from the antique Maiden's Blush (which is growing in The Hobbit House front yard).

Amazon Baby
The apples are ready for harvest at different times, beginning with the earliest White Transparent in mid-August, and going about every two weeks, until the latest, Arkansas Black, in November. In between are the peaches, early and late, the pears, early and late, the plums, cherries, and apricots. Having the fruit ready at intervals makes the orchard easier to manage.
apple blossoms

apples blossoms


apple varieties
Left to right: Arkansas Black,Winesap, Macintosh, Jonathan, Colorado Red Delicious

apple varieties
Left to right: Snow, Gala, Royal Gala, J&P Early

Granny Smith apples.

Left to right: White Transparent, (George) Washington Royal, Golden Delicious, Maiden's Blush

Left to right: Amazon Baby, Amazon Maiden, Jonagold Spur, Yellow Transparent

Airlie's Red-Flesh, on the tree and sliced (above). This apple makes lovely pink pies!

Apples varieties and Mantis


Snow Apples

PEACHES in bloom!
Spring blossoms

Peach blossoms

The Heirloom Red Baron peach is the most stunning peach tree, with its carmine pink triple flowers:

Red Baron
The Red Baron peach produces a succulent free-stone large fruit with gorgeous color and creamy dark yellow flesh:

Red Baron


Red Baron

more peaches

PEARS in bloom!
Pear trees

pear varieties

D'Anjou pears






YUM! The best blackberries this side of the Cascades!

It just doesn't get any better than this! Juicy plums, Oregon blackberries, chard, and squash:

pears peaches


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