Cottage house

Called “The Hobbit House” or “The Fairy House” by some, due to the embracing vines, lush flowers, and blooming trees surrounding it, the cottage house has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Hummingbirds nest in the Boston Ivy and under the porch roof each summer. The drive from the road is like the entrance to a fairy-tale world, a path overhung by trees and strewn with apple petals in the spring, drawing you into a world of beauty and peace.
Apple petals


apple petals
The cottage is a cozy house with character, first built as a two-room cottage in 1939, with additions generation after generation, until it spread this way and that. Beneath the kitchen and dining area is a cobblestone pit, the winter hibernation for our hard-working garden snakes. These snakes are harmless to people and do nothing but sleep under the house in winter—you can't even hear them snoring. One part of the house (west wing) sits on a concrete cellar that has long been used as a root cellar.

Living room 12x19
Dining room 8x13
Kitchen 9x13
Pantry 8x9
Utility room 8x10.5
Bedroom A - 11x11.5
Bedroom B - 12x15 (this includes the walk-in closet in the measurement, since this is a unique configuration) Garden room (off bedroom B) 7.5x5.5
Office/library 11.5x15.5
Cottage house

garden fence across from patio

west side

north side

Cottage house
The meandering cottage house, west side (above) with blooming magnolia tree in March, and more of the magnolia (below).

magnolia flower
The patio and main entry (below) in summer.
front door and patio

house from garden
Cottage house south face (above and below) from the veggie garden in spring with crabapple trees in bloom.

Interior views:

dining room

dining room

dining room





Living room

living room

living room





Redbud tree in spring (front yard) with apple trees beyond:
Redbud in front yard

Redbud tree in front yard and view of front porch, with gift shop in back:
front yard with Redbud, shop in back

Front porch, where hummingbirds raise their young:

Idaho locust tree in spring (front yard):
Idaho Locust

Idaho locust

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