Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly... and find a place of refuge on this farm. Birds have always been part of this family's heart, so when we first bought the farm in 1978 we began to plant trees and shrubs with birds in mind. Over the years the bird population increased and we began to see species that were infrequent in the valley. Yet as we provided food and habitat and kept the place free of poisonous chemicals, the bird population became an astounding feature of the place. We not only have rare visitors, we now have celebrated nesters, including the mockingbird, which is a recent arrival. Two kinds of chickadees, pine siskins, towhees, wrens, warblers, finches, thrushes, and so many others raise their young here. Hummingbirds build their nests in the vines and under the porch roof of the cottage house. These birds have become so accustomed to us that they greet us by hovering for a few minutes in our faces. We saved one pair of hummingbird babies from drowning five years ago and the female of that pair, named Scrat, has adopted us as her family. When she departs in fall for warmer climates she always comes to say her adieu. And when she returns in spring, her first order of the day is to hover at the window until we notice her and greet one another.

Although we have photos of every kind of bird that has been here, we do not have the space to show all of them, so below is just a sampling. Whoever takes over this farm MUST love birds and wildlife!

The Birds seen here in summer or winter or full time:
1. Wilson warbler
2. Yellow warbler
3. Audubon warbler
4. Myrtle warbler (these have been crossing with Audubon and we see unique variations now and then)
5. Townsend's warbler
6. Western meadowlark
7. Pine siskin
8. American goldfinch
9. Red house finch
10. Purple finch
11. Cassin's finch
12. House wren
13. Nuthatch
14. Pigmy nuthatch
15. Black-capped chickadee
16. Mountain chickadee
17. Evening grosbeak
18. Black-headed grosbeak
19. Rose-breasted grosbeak
20. Pine grosbeak
21. Blue grosbeak
22. Lazuli bunting
23. Common redpoll (one year only)
24. Mountain bluebird
25. Western bluebird
26. Western kingbird
27. Barn swallow
28. Tree swallow
29. Violet-green swallow
30. Rough-winged swallow
31. Redwing blackbird
32. Yellow-headed blackbird
33. Brewer's blackbird
34. Brown-headed cowbird
35. Bullock's oriole
36. Western tanager
37. Green-tailed towhee
38. Rufous-sided towhee
39. White-crowned sparrow
40. European house sparrow
41. Grasshopper sparrow
42. Vesper sparrow
43. Tree sparrow
44. Chipping sparrow
45. Fox sparrow
46. Song sparrow
47. Slate-colored junco
48. Oregon junco
49. Gray-headed junco
50. Killdeer
51. Wilson's snipe
52. Mockingbird
53. Catbird
54. Western wood pewee
55. Ash-throated flycatcher
56. Traill's flycatcher
57. Robin
58. Hermit thrush
59. Cedar waxwing
60. Northern shrike
61. Raven
62. Magpie
63. Crow
64. Scrub jay
65. Pinyon jay
66. Eurasian collared dove
67. Mourning dove
68. Band-tailed pigeon
69. Poor-will
70. Common nighthawk
71. White-throated swift
72. Broad-tailed hummingbird
73. Black-chin hummingbird
74. Calliope hummingbird (occasional)
75. Rufous hummingbird
76. Ruby crowned Kinglet
77. Red-shafted flicker
78. Lewis' woodpecker
79. Downy woodpecker
80. Hairy woodpecker
81. Blue grouse
82. Ring-necked Pheasant
83. Gambel's quail
84. Chukar
85. White-faced Ibis
86. Mallard
87. Common merganser
88. Great Horned owl
89. Long-eared owl
90. Northern Sawhet owl
91. Pygmy Owl
92. Sharpshinned hawk
93. Redtail hawk
94. Swainson's hawk
95. Ferruginous hawk
96. American kestrel

Fly-overs or seen close by: Canada goose, Snow goose, Great blue heron, Snowy egret, Sandhill crane, Golden eagle, Bald eagle, Peregrine falcon, Turkey vulture, Belted kingfisher, Osprey, American bittern, American coot, Spotted sandpiper, Dipper

baby robin
Baby hummer
GH owl

black-headed grosbeak Cassins
evening grosbeak goldfinch

Cassins Orange Red Finch
Chickadee Brewer displaying

Finch Grosbeak
Flicker feathers Warbler

hummer GH owl
Yellow-headed blackbird grosbeaks

Western tanager Sharpshinned hawk
towhee robin nest

swallow Waxwing
Wilson warbler bluebirds

Eagle eagles


rock pigeon collared dove


Saw-whet owl Robin
nuthatch lazuli bunting

downy robin
Nutty redtail

robin pine siskin
pheasant Osprey

raven redwing
winter goldfinch pine siskins

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